Queen Unferth

Rules a large shire in northern Stromland, sister of King Halfdan.


Queen Unferth possesses a simple, youthful beauty that is uncommon in her line. She has thin, auburn hair and clear brown eyes. She dresses more in the fashion of men, then women, preferring utilitarian clothing suited for combat. She wears a longsword at her hip, and a dagger in her belt.


Born second of her line, Queen Unferth was appointed Queen of Gwyvanburg after her father’s untimely death, while her older brother King Halfdan took possession of the Frost Islands to the north.

She was left a widow when her husband was killed by a powerful jarl. She has spent all of her energy and resources to exact revenge. But she was outnumbered and outmatched, left to rely on her brother for aid.

Queen Unferth

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